Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It's been pretty quiet after a fashion, in the last week or so.

When I say 'After a Fashion' I mean that with the School Holidays now in full swing, it's as quiet as one could expect. The girls generally get along quite well, however we have had a few run ins and complaints about one not leaving the other alone.

Last week we had James come to stay for 4 nights. This was nice for all concerned; the girls played board games with 'Uncle James' during the day and I played Resident Evil and drank beer with him after they went to bed... Fun for the whole family!

Yesterday I had my initial Physiotherapy appointment at the Ayr Hospital. This was basically an opportunity for the Physio to gauge the extent of my Myopathy and come up with some exercises to slow it as much as possible. Unfortunately the appointment went longer than it needed to. I had to go through the process of explaining the last two years to the poor woman, as my notes are kept at The Townsville Hospital and she had no clue as to what I had or what sort of treatment I was receiving.

On the subject of The Townsville Hospital and treatments, I received a call yesterday from my friend Rosie who runs Ambulatory Care. She informed me that I was to start another six months of Intragam infusions and that she had one spot open next Wednesday if I would like to take it, other than that it would be mid to late January before I could get in.
Of course I accepted the appointment.

Well, that's about it for the time being I suppose. The girls are getting quite excited about Xmas on Friday, thank goodness all of our preparations are done.

Happy Holidays to all...

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